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Risk Management

Cybersecurity is an exercise in risk management. The ability to identify, assess, and manage these risks helps remove their uncertainty and transforms technology from a liability into a business enabler.

Every activity undertaken by a business involves a risk. How each risk should be managed depends on how they are defined. Quantified risks with an accurate definition of the consequences and causes become manageable. Unfortunately risks within information security are usually unquantified or poorly defined, and perceived as uncertain due to a lack of facts. This causes unmanageable risks.

Fact-based and analytical risk management means that risks within information security can also be quantified, and we can make rational decisions on how they can be managed.

Who is responsible for risk management?

A company's senior management will always be responsible for information security, which requires the formulation of a strategy and principles for risk management. Responsibility for following those principles will lie with the employees. To ensure they are followed and turned into action requires a security culture in which everyone knows their responsibilities and how to fulfil them correctly.

Knowing your industry and technical specialities

We help businesses to apply risk management to their own circumstances. We have wide-ranging specialities within information security, which enables our consultants to specialize within different industry segments and technologies. This means a unique combination of industry experience and technical specialization.

Services available

We work with IT risk management and perform risk assessments for several of the largest companies in the Nordic Region, including some of the world's largest providers of IT outsourcing. 

Our service deliverables for risk management are based on industry best practice and years of experience, which include:

  • Establishing Risk Management Framework
  • Risk Assessments
  • Virtual Security Organization
  • GRC Solutions
  • ISMS Implementation

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