Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Risks and threats continue to evolve, and regulatory and contractual requirements are becoming more comprehensive. To navigate this modern, complex landscape, business decisions need to be supported by efficient processes.

Traditional siloed and manual processes often lead to outdated, delayed or inaccurate risk information and may result in critical risks that are not identified or mitigated in a timely manner.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) combines technology, processes and data that enables the simplification, automation and integration of risk management across an organisation. Central visibility into risks and their owners, combined with accurate and timely risk information enables organisations to make informed decisions with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Benefits and features of IRM include:

  • Verify that resources are spent where they provide the most impact
  • Analyse historical trends and track the progress of a risk management program over time
  • Reduce regularity and contractual reporting costs with automated monitoring and verification of controls
  • Streamline the publication of policies and ensuring that policies are actually implemented and followed
  • Assess the results of security assessments in a business context
  • Deliver security awareness training programs that are connected to actual organisational risk

mnemonic delivers various Integrated Risk Management solutions, both on-premise and SaaS. Our solutions help businesses collaborate effectively across their entire organisation, and manage and mature their Risk Management program, including Vendor and Cyber risks.