Episode 44: Internet of Things | Privacy miniseries

Episode 44: Internet of Things | Privacy miniseries

Previously in this miniseries, we’ve discussed the challenges of online privacy with experts in that field. In many ways, what can be known about us through our online behaviour pales in comparison to what someone can find out about us by monitoring measurements of the real world, through ours and others’ Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

This is what we’ll be talking about today, as we’re joined by Tim Panagos, Co-Founder and CTO of Microshare, a company helping data owners securely store and act on high-volume IoT data using policies with what they call “ridiculous levels of auditing”.

Robby and Tim discuss what happens to privacy when there is no “opt-out button”, and Tim shares his take on how we can organise privacy rules and principles in complex IoT ecosystems.

Stay tuned for more episodes in our privacy miniseries in the coming weeks.

Host: Robby Peralta
Producer: Paul Jæger