Episode 31: When security hits the fan

Episode 31: When security hits the fan

Morten and Robby recorded this session as part of their virtual presentation at the CERT-IS conference in Iceland last month.

For this episode, Robby welcomes Morten Weea from mnemonic’s Threat Intelligence team. Morten is a PhD candidate researching decision-making in incident response and an experienced Incident Handler that often works with advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Robby picks his brain about what actually goes down when a customer calls after realizing what shouldn’t have happened, has happened.
Or even more importantly, what his advice is for organizations before a serious incident occurs. They also discuss when it’s appropriate to trigger a full-scale incident response, and what sort of incidents shouldn’t.

Technical level: 2/5

Host: Robby Peralta

Producer: Paul Jæger