Episode 18: Turning users from targets to defenders

Episode 18: Turning users from targets to defenders

In this episode, Robby chats with Erlend Gjære, Co-founder and CEO of Secure Practice, on how to turn an organisation’s users into its last line of defense against email threats.

Erlend has spent most of his career studying people and their email habits. At Secure Practice he combines scientific research and employee behavior to find out how to best reach through with security awareness messaging in organisations, by identifying why people do what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, how to make them do it securely.

Robby and Erlend discuss email as an attack vector, and what companies are doing to protect themselves. They also talk about what is actually working nowadays in terms of security awareness, and what the most successful companies are doing.

Technical level: 1/5

Host: Robby Peralta
Producer: Paul Jæger

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