Episode 16: Microservices, in theory and practice

Episode 16: Microservices, in theory and practice

In this episode, Robby chats with two people from mnemonic that are highly passionate about microservices; security researcher Andreas Claesson and Head of Development of our Argus security platform, Joakim von Brandis.

Andreas explains how he works with microservices with customers, and what the dark side of microservices are regarding security. Joakim returns to the podcast to show how mnemonic's Argus security platform made the transition over to microservices. If you haven't heard Joakim's first episode, we recommend you check it out (episode 4 - Under the hood of Argus).

Have a listen to learn how microservices are useful, and what companies that use microservices should be monitoring for.

Technical level: 3/5

Host: Robby Peralta

Producer: Paul Jæger

Show notes: