Launch: Security Report and our expectations for 2019

Join us for mnemonic’s first breakfast seminar of the year to get a sneak peek into our latest Security Report and our predictions for 2019.

During the seminar, mnemonic’s Threat Intelligence team will assess the year that has passed, what we can expect from 2019, and the lessons we learned from analysing over 1 trillion security events in our SOC.

Afterwards, we’ll be joined by a few of the contributors from this year’s Security Report who will share their research and findings.

Look forward to seeing you there!


P.S. This time the breakfast seminar is on a Wednesday.


Breakfast and registration


2018 as seen from mnemonic’s SOC, 2019 as seen from our crystal ball

In this presentation, Per Morten will share our lessons learned and experiences from the over 1 trillion global security events our SOC analysed in 2018 - and look into our crystal ball to share some of our predictions for 2019.

Language: English
Technical level: 2/5


EU getting serious about securing critical infrastructure

Last year, we saw the NIS directive, the first EU and EEA wide legislation on cybersecurity, take effect. The directive brings forth new security requirements and aims to reach a uniform level of security among networks and information systems across Europe.

In her presentation, Anne will elaborate on how the EU is addressing the security of critical infrastructure, and what requirements operators of critical infrastructure need to meet. She will also address how European countries have changed their national legislations to adapt to the new directive.

Language: English
Technical level: 1/5


Securing microservices in a serverless world

The world of IT is changing with a vast number of services moving from centralised servers to decentralised server providers the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The services themselves are also becoming decentralised, meaning that they are broken down into smaller pieces called microservices.

In his presentation, Andreas will explore the major benefits of going serverless, the challenges this approach to architecture presents to traditional IT security, and try to answer the question, “so why isn’t serverless super popular yet?”

Language: English
Technical level: 3/5

Closing statements and announcement of competition winner

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