mnemonic joins the Dutch cybersecurity interest group Cyberveilig Nederland

May 2021, mnemonic became a member of the Dutch cybersecurity knowledge-sharing and interest group Cyberveilig Nederland.

Cyberveilig Nederland represents a large group of cybersecurity service providers in the Netherlands, and together with its members and other private and public partners, they facilitate working groups for security experts to increase research and innovation within the Dutch cybersecurity sector.

Among other topics, the working groups address the need for more security professionals in the Netherlands, increasing the understanding of cyber risk in the Dutch market, and developing quality marks and risk models to make it easier to estimate the risks of cybercrime.

“Collaboration is the key to make the Netherlands digitally safe,” says Director at Cyberveilig Nederland, Petra Oldengarm.

“That is why we’re very happy with the membership of mnemonic. Not only do they want to play an active role within the various initiatives of Cyberveilig Nederland, but they also propagate our core values,” she states.

mnemonic is a European cybersecurity company with security experts in all fields within IT and information security. A major part of the company’s delivery is the service Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

The company is headquartered in Oslo, and after working with partners and customers in the Benelux region over many years, mnemonic opened its first office in the Benelux last year, in The Hague. mnemonic is already active in partnerships in the region, and has among other things been a member of the Europol EC3 Advisory Group on internet security for the last five years, an active member in SOCCRATES led by TNO, and a member of No More Ransom (founded by the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police among others).

It is especially the opportunity to partake in the transfer of knowledge and the research-focused working groups that sparked mnemonic’s interest in Cyberveilig Nederland.

“By facilitating cooperation and transparency in our sector, Cyberveilig Nederland contributes greatly to the digital defence of the Netherlands,” states Anne Karine Hafkamp, Benelux Sales Manager in mnemonic.

“In mnemonic, we know the value of Research & Development. Every year we spend more than 10% of our total working hours on R&D. For more than two decades we’ve seen how this makes us better at delivering security services, and helps us find new ways to meet threats,” she adds.


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