mnemonic presenting at Black Hat Europe

SNIcat: when security features in TLS inspection devices introduce new vulnerabilites

Date: Thursday, December 10 | 1:30pm-2:00pm UTC (+0)

mnemonic's Morten Marstrander from our Technical Risk Services department will be presenting:

Circumventing the Guardians: How the Security Features in State-of-the-Art TLS Inspection Solutions can be Exploited for Covert Data Exfiltration

at Black Hat Europe this week together with Matteo Malvica. In the presentation, they share how they discovered a new stealthy method of data exfiltration that has received worldwide attention; SNIcat.

SNIcat is proven successful on several network security solutions such as web proxies, next generation firewalls (NGFW), and dedicated solutions for TLS interception and inspection from a variety of vendors.

Black Hat Europe 2020 will be entirely virtual, and will be held December 7-10.

Read more about SNIcat in our blog post.


Missed the presentation? You can find a recording of it here.