mnemonic partakes in National Security Month

Offers free security workshops during National Security Month

October is National Security Month in Norway, and mnemonic contributes to the NorSIS initiative to increase focus on IT and information security in Norwegian organisations through free security lectures and workshops in October.

This year, we are inviting ourselves to Norwegian companies and organisations all over the country with two workshops on security strategy and the new Security Act.

You can find more information on how to get a visit from mnemonic in October below.



What your organisation wants to achieve, and the approaches you take to achieve these goals, are unique for the organisation, industry, and threat landscape you are in.

Your organisation's IT security is one of many factors that will help you achieve or, at worst, fail to achieve the goals you set.

Would you like a visit from a security expert from mnemonic to help you see your organisation’s unique goals from a security perspective?

During the workshop you will among other things, be able to discuss your organisation's needs in these areas:

  • How to define and reach your organisation's overall goals through the right strategy
  • How the organisation's IT strategy directly affects the organisation's overall goals
  • Your organisation's digital challenges
  • The threat landscape in your industry

Target group: management

Who is visiting: Angel Alonso, Team leader for mnemonic's Governace, Risk and Compliance department (GRC)

Duration: one to two hours



WORKSHOP: What does the new Security Act mean for your organisation?

  • Is your organisation already subject to the Norwegian Security Act (Sikkerhetsloven) and want an overview of what is needed to meet the new requirements of the legislation?
  • Or are you not currently subject to the law, but expect to be?

Not certain what the new Security Act entails? Read more here.

Do you want a visit from a security expert from mnemonic to review the following scenario: your organisation is subject to the new Security Act - what does this mean in practice?

During the workshop you will among other things discuss how your organisation is affected by the legislative change and what it takes to achieve the level of security described in the legislation.

Themes that will be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Internal audits and necessary security approvals
  • Risk management: how to define ground protection and remediation measures

Target group: management team and security officers

Who is visiting: Anne Aune, sikkerhetskonsulent i mnemonics Governace, Risk and Compliance-avdeling (GRC)

Duration: one to two hours


Does this sound interesting?

For more information or to sign up for one of the workshops, please contact .* 

Read more about National Security Month here


*We reserve the right to decline certain applications due to capacity considerations.