Episode 36: Nuclear cyber security | OT miniseries

Episode 36: Nuclear cyber security | OT miniseries

We’re continuing our Operational Technology (OT) miniseries where we look into the security challenges in the OT space.

This time, Robby is joined by Nicholas Burnet and Guido Villacis from EDF Energy, Europe’s largest nuclear provider. EDF owns and operates eight (soon nine) nuclear power stations in the UK, and Nicholas and Guido work at EDF’s unit for New Nuclear Build, as CISO and Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Cyber Security Lead respectively.

During their conversation, they discuss where IT fits in in a modern nuclear power plant, and where the boundary between IT and OT is in their organization. Nicholas and Guido also share how they navigate their threat landscape, and finding the balance between what you connect and what you choose to disconnected from the wider world.

Technical level: 1/5

Host: Robby Peralta

Producer: Paul Jæger