Advanced threat defence for Industrial Control Systems

The consequences of a successful cyberattack on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are severe, disruptive, and potentially life threatening. In a world where downtime is simply not an option, protecting these mission-critical systems against modern threats requires an equally Advanced Threat Defence strategy.

The security challenges, requirements and potential consequences in industrial control environments are very different from those in a traditional IT office environment. Industrial control systems face unique threats, and support no margin for error.

Simply retrofitting traditional IT security solutions to ICS environments does not address these unique requirements and leaves critical infrastructure exposed to intrusion, disruption and damage. This is where the Argus ICS Defender can help.

The Argus ICS Defender delivers:

  • Protection for known and unknown attacks against industrial control systems
  • Zero impact on real-time communication or sacrificing industrial control service reliability
  • Complete ICS defence through correlating network, log and event data
  • Visibility and control of communication in and out of industrial control systems
  • Wide protocol support, including Modbus, IEC-60870-5-104 and others
  • View back in time with full capture of all communication and Netflow data
  • Intergration with Argus Managed Defence for complete threat visibility across office and industrial control networks

Argus ICS Defender

Purpose-built to address the unique security challenges in industrial control environment, the Argus ICS Defender integrates advanced threat defence for cybersecurity with in-depth knowledge about Industrial Control Systems. By design, the Argus ICS Defender is built to ensure the safe and reliable operations of your control systems.

Non-intrusive protection

Industrial control systems operate with precision and predictability, putting vast demands on the integrity of commands, data and communication. The Argus ICS Defender provides non-intrusive protection and will not interfere with ICS traffic.

Continuous insight and reporting

On-demand, periodic and continuous reports, combined with the interactive Argus Customer Portal, deliver comprehensive insight into the security of your systems. Receive insight on security and operational threats, poor practice or policy violations, misconfigurations, targeted attacks and more.

Quickly pinpoint anomalies

Detecting and responding to cyberattacks requires a multi-disciplined approach. The Argus ICS Defender will learn how normal communication in your unique environment should appear.  We’ll discover deviations in traffic volumes, protocol abnormalities, unusual host behaviour and other unexpected inconsistencies in real-time to detect any malicious activity or misconfigurations.  

Gain business intelligence from security

By detecting, mapping and categorising applications, communication and assets, the Argus ICS Defender associates the systems you’re securing with work processes and business intelligence. The result is immediate visibility into how security threats in your industrial control environment affect core business processes and functions.

Threat Intelligence

Our dedicated Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU) ensures that our team is aware of new threat developments as they unfold and our detection systems are constantly updated with the latest information. Our research even includes physical manipulation of industrial systems to ensure we understand the complete threat picture. We work closely with the industry, including KraftCERT and actively shares information about new threats. Our threat intelligence is recognized both nationally and internationally. The threat Intelligence data we produce is used by national and international companies as well as law enforcement including Europol.