Nordic Threat Feed for Palo Alto Networks

All threats aren't equal. Protect against those targeting the Nordics. Two-way integration between Palo Alto Networks and mnemonic's Argus defends your business against Nordic targeted and global threats - 24x7.

With Palo Alto Networks and mnemonic, you can protect your organisation against both global threats and regional attacks targeting the Nordics. 

Enhance your existing Palo Alto Networks investment with the Nordic Threat Feed for Palo Alto Networks. With setup taking a matter of minutes, you can ensure your Palo Alto Networks firewall is automatically and continuously updated with live threat intelligence

Combat ransomware, intercept phishing campaigns, and block botnet activity with mnemonic and Palo Alto Networks.

Combine your solutions from Palo Alto Networks with Argus Managed Defence and gain complete 360° threat visibility - 24x7.

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