Argus Threat Feed

The Argus Threat Feed enables businesses to enhance their existing security solutions and protect against modern threats as they emerge. This live threat feed integrates directly with leading security products to protect organisations globally from commodity malware, ransomware and targeted attacks.

Real-time protection against emerging threats

Threats are constantly changing and evolving. The Argus Threat Feed provides a live update straight from our 24x7 Security Operations Center and automatically protects your business against new threats globally as they unfold.





Powered by mnemonic Global Threat Intelligence

Our mnemonic Threat Intelligence team actively researches new threats as they unfold to ensure our customers are protected against evolving threats. Leveraging our expansive global network, we scour the darkest corners of the web to develop the actionable threat intelligence needed to keep our customers safe. The team is recognized internationally for quality and precision in their work, with the threat intelligence produced trusted by law enforcement and CSIRTs globally.

Stop ransomware from damaging your business

Ransomware is a nuisance to IT departments that can have devastating consequences for many businesses. Unfortunately most organisations only realise how exposed their IT systems are to ransomware when it’s too late and their files are encrypted or destroyed. The Argus Threat Feed is updated in real-time as we see ransomware spreading globally, and automatically updates your security solutions to block these attacks before it’s too late.

Strengthen your firewall investments in minutes

The Argus Threat Feed integrates directly with leading next generation firewalls, including Check Point and Palo Alto Networks, to offer immediate protection against new threats as they are discovered. With a setup that takes minutes, you can keep your investments current with automated and continuous updates as new threats are discovered in real-time.

Enhance SIEM detection & analysis

By integrating the Argus Threat Feed with your SIEM solution, you can correlate with firewall, proxy, email, DNS, endpoint solutions, and other log types to detect malicious activity and potential security threats against your organisation.  The threat feed assists in validating alerts produced by your security solutions to eliminate false positives and optimize your incident response process.

The Argus Threat Feed provides:

  • Real-time, automatic updates as new threats are discovered
  • Live Indicators of Compromise feed, including URLs, domains, IP addresses and file hashes
  • Threat context, including categorization of type of threat, confidence and severity
  • Easy integration with third-party security solutions such as firewalls, proxies, endpoint solutions, SIEMs and more


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