Customer webinar: Argus use cases for a remote workforce

Didn't make it to the webinar? Watch the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II0RxGTjXeE


This webinar is targeted towards existing Argus Managed Defence customers, however we are opening it to the public so security professionals globally can learn from our experiences.

With an influx of remote workers, security teams must evaluate if they still have the necessary visibility and coverage to detect and respond to threats that may come from an increased remote workforce. What traffic patterns will change? How are users accessing corporate resources? Are users accessing Office 365 from home computers?

In this webinar, we will focus on concrete use cases security teams need to evaluate to ensure their Managed Detection and Response service from mnemonic has the necessary visibility to detect threats in organisations with an increased remote workforce.

Join us in our multi-part webinar series where we will cut straight to the chase in these unprecedented times – what challenges are our customers asking us about, what security threats should you be considering, and how can you protect your organisation.


Argus use cases for a remote workforce

In this presentation, Tommy will review concrete use cases that security teams should be considering to ensure threats arising from an increased remote workforce are detected. Use cases include topics such as Office 365, VPN, endpoint, proxy and firewall logs, amongst others.


Language: English