We need to talk about insider threats

Join us in our webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our Security Report 2021.

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A true agent has instinct, and that cannot be taught. He either has it or he doesn't.

This is a quote from the Netflix series The Spy. The series is based on the life of the Israeli spy Eli Cohen, portrayed by Sasha Baron Cohen. The quote is an accurate reflection of how we typically picture insiders; intelligent moles or spies working undercover.

However, real insiders might look quite different from how we’re used to seeing them depicted. In their recently published article We need to talk about insider threats, GRC Advisors Anne Aune and Kristian Haga explore how this Hollywood stereotype might actually get in the way of companies and organisations managing real insider threats.

Join us for our webinar Tuesday the 9th of March at 09:00-09:40 CET.

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Security Report webinar series

Join us in our 6-part webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our recently published Security Report 2021. The topics include a broad set of current security challenges; from building an Enterprise Security Architecture, to unsanctioned remote and third-party access and security threats in modern cloud applications.


Insider threats can be tricky to define, difficult to discuss, and represent a complex risk scenario that can be challenging to address. To gain better insight into how organisations are actually approaching the challenge, we decided to interview C-level executives from several organisations classified as being at a particularly high risk for insider threats.

During this presentation Kristian will delve deeper into some of these challenges, share the interview findings, and offer some of the recommended actions companies, organisations and authorities take in order to better navigate this risk.

Language: English

Technical level: 1/5

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