New paradigms for security threats in modern cloud applications

Join us in our webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our Security Report 2021.

Application development for public cloud infrastructure is the new norm. Whether this is because of the speed of development and the lack of infrastructure maintenance, the native automation capabilities in cloud environments, or a variety of other factors, it is safe to say that application development in the cloud is here to stay.

This leads to the question: what new security considerations are there for cloud-native applications? In his recently published Security Report article Cloud is not just somebody else’s computer, Cody Burkard explores this question in detail.


Join us for our webinar Thursday the 6th of May at 09:00-09:40 CET.

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Security Report webinar series

Join us in our 6-part webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our recently published Security Report 2021. The topics include a broad set of current security challenges; from building an Enterprise Security Architecture, to unsanctioned remote and third-party access and security threats in modern cloud applications.



In this webinar, Cody will explore in technical detail how cloud-based threats impact application security in the cloud and how to model cloud-based threats against applications. He will also give hands-on recommendations on how to navigate this for security professionals from both the offense and defence side.

Language: English

Technical level: 4/5

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