Enterprise Security Architecture: optimise your security investments | US webinar

Join us in our webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our Security Report 2021.

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Organisations are challenged in using a limited set of resources and budget to mitigate an evolving list of risks and threats. Building robust security architecture requires the ability to make informed, business-driven decisions on security investments to address the identified risks – a task easier said than done. So where do you start?

Based on 20 years of experience, we have developed an Enterprise Security Architecture framework that consolidates industry frameworks, methodologies and best practices across enterprise risk management, threat intelligence, security architecture and operations to create a single framework that bridges the gap between a business’ goals and how you can protect them.

First developed for internal use, we are sharing this adaptable framework to assist our customers in making sound security investments and binding business goals to technical controls, available technology, threat scenarios, and established frameworks.

Read more about the mnemonic Enterprise Security Architecture framework in our Security Report 2021.


Join us for our webinar Thursday the 18th of March at 9 am PST / 11am CST / 12pm (noon) EST.

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Security Report webinar series

Join us in our 6-part webinar series where mnemonic’s security experts present some of the major findings from our recently published Security Report 2021. The topics include a broad set of current security challenges; from building an Enterprise Security Architecture, to unsanctioned remote and third-party access and security threats in modern cloud applications.


In this webinar, two of the members of our Enterprise Security Architecture group will present why they saw the need for establishing our mnemonic Enterprise Security Architecture framework, and how their interactions with customers made it clear this was addressing an external need as well.

During the session they will go into detail on how the framework is structured, and how organisations can leverage it to make sound security investments that protect the business and its goals.

Language: English

Technical level: 2/5

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