Reducing the risk profile: Sharing is caring, and luck strikes the prepared

Industry leaders argue that collaboration across verticals, the public and private sector, and country borders is pivotal to ensuring the best possible cyber-defence. That being said, it is still up to each individual organisation to develop an adequate capability to detect, mitigate and respond to cyber threats. Yet, why is this important?

NCSA (National Cyber Security Agenda) has established the framework for cybersecurity in the Netherlands, with the objective of capitalising on the economic and social opportunities of digitalisation, and of protecting national security in the digital domain. The question is what public authorities, business communities, sciences, and civil societies can contribute to keep the Netherlands digitally secure and consistent with the objective. 

Europol/EC3 will give insight into their experiences in combating cybercrime across Europe, and how a stronger public-private collaboration can be one of the most effective tools for organisations to reduce their overall cyber security risk profile.

Furthermore, mnemonic will describe how it is to face the adversary when it has successfully breached your defences, and share our experiences when hired by organisations to respond to cyber incidents.

Finally, in the heart of resilient cyber defence there is an effective Security Operations Centre (SOC) detecting and responding to incidents. Our last session is led by an independent consultant, who has experience in implementing SOC projects to some of the largest organisations in the Netherlands. He will talk about commonalities in such projects, and why a SOC is important in the context of a successful cybersecurity strategy.

mnemonic and the Norwegian Embassy in the Hague are pleased to invite you to this free breakfast seminar and we are looking very much forward spending the morning with you.


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Best practice cybersecurity in the age of an ever-expanding attack surface

Philipp is the Head of Strategy of the EC3. Prior to joining the EC3, he held management positions with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the International Criminal Court.

Incident response from the lines of defence, and how to prepare for inevitable cyberattacks

Joakim Kunst is working with mnemonic’s Managed Security Services, known as Argus Managed Defence.  Joakim is part of a team of more than 100 security experts who detect, analyse and respond to cyber threats 24x7. Joakim has worked in several roles; as a security analyst, incident handler, forensic analyst, consultant and currently as senior sales engineer – making sure our customers get the right services they need to solve their challenges and enable their business objectives.

The implementation and role of managed SOC

Alexander has over 9 years of experience in the Cyber Security field in different roles with successfully completed projects at many Dutch and international operating enterprises. The last years Alexander focused on the governance, architecture, procurement and implementation of Security Operation Centers and related security domains in its periphery.

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