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If you ask Google what the point of a SOC is, the top result will present you with “the SOC team's goal is to detect, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes.” 

That being said, our experience shows us that this goal varies from organisation to organisation, and that incident response isn’t always given the attention that it deserves. Therefore we thought we would “gather the troops”, in order to discuss and share experience across company and industry borders to explore the attention that proper incident response should be given. Simply some “food for thought” and lessons learned from some of our colleagues in the niche branch of cyber security that we operate in.

In the spirit of experience sharing, each speaker will present their topic for 20-25 minutes, which will be followed up by a 10-15 minute group discussion. No sales pitches, no marketing materials, just peer to peer discussions!

“Vel møt”, we are very much looking forward to spending the afternoon with you!


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Lessons learned: The do’s and don’ts of SOC & IR

Crisis situation! How to get the data from an incident into an operational state?


Can’t we all just get along?

Tommy has worked with SOC & incident response his entire career, and has also been an incident handler for some of the most high profile cases in Norway. In his presentation he will highlight the most challenging phases of an incident response, and advise on what to do when you are in that situation.

Yes, we should all just get along!



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