Incident Response - be prepared or be punished

The success of your incident response depends on how well your organisation is prepared.

All organisations are at risk of experiencing a security incident or a data breach. Consequently, organisations need to be prepared, and take a proactive approach to incident response in order to minimise the impact of a potential incident or crisis.

Our next breakfast will cover incident readiness and the importance of visibility in networks to detect security incidents.

We are also joined by First House, who will discuss crisis communication when the crisis strikes.

See you there!


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Attackers have breached your perimeter: are you ready to respond?

We have all seen the headlines of security breaches where organisations have been severely disrupted. Security breaches are more prevalent than ever before and preventing all of them from happening is inevitable. Consequences can be significant, yet many organisations are not aware of them and have not invested in being ready to handle breaches.

Alexander will in this presentation address the importance of incident response readiness, and will share insights to how you can become prepared.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 1/5


Dark clouds on the horizon

A storm is brewing in the horizon, and a security incident could be imminent. The strategies for coping with a storm among the animals on the savannah are many, but two of the more stereotypical ones are the peering meerkat and the ostrich with its head in the sand.

Empirically, information is king, and visibility in your network could be both the difference between a successful incident handling and what enables you to implement proper controls for future storms.

In this presentation, you will hear experiences from real incident responses with experience sharing regarding the importance of visibility on endpoints and assets in your network.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 2/5


Communication when trust is challenged

Information leakage can result in a crisis of confidence. Generally, it takes more than proper handling of digital security challenges to assure that the business’ target groups feel confident about the information management. Thus, the communication crisis comes in addition to the actual crisis.

Steinar Flaa is partner and responsible for crisis management and communication in the strategic advisory agency First House. He will discuss how crisis communication should be handled and if it is possible to communicate your way out of a security incident or crisis.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 1/5

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