How to approach the new threat landscape?

Organisations are increasingly adopting tools such as public cloud, big data analysics and automation. This, in combination with an increasingly complex threat landscape and more demanding laws and regulations, is creating new challenges for security. How should you approach these challenges?

Join us to learn from experts at Palo Alto Networks on what this new threat landscape looks like, what it means for you, and how you can help secure your organisation’s digital journey.

The sessions will discuss how modern challenges in security require equally modern approaches to security. From cloud to endpoints, and everything in between, join us to learn how Palo Alto Networks and mnemonic can help secure your digital future.



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Threat update from Unit42

Unit42 is Palo Alto Networks global threat analysis group. In this presentation, Glenn will share how Unit42 uses the world’s largest threat data cloud to reveal attacks from nation state threat actors with recent real-world examples.
Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 3/5


Is the cloud secure yet?

There is little doubt that to exploit the full benefits of cloud services you need to think about security in a new way.

However, establishing a new and secure cloud strategy is easier said than done. Most companies do not have one single cloud provider, but many different SaaS and IaaS services from multiple vendors. In this presentation, Daniel will discuss how a secure cloud strategy requires a shared approach where real-time protection can occur across all platforms, regardless of the vendor or service.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 3/5


Endpoint security under attack

Sophisticated attackers and advanced techniques increases the difficulty and time it takes to identify and gain control over their attacks. Companies often use Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions to solve these challenges, but these tools on their own are often not enough.

Using Palo Alto Networks XDR approach, Erik will demonstrate how to detect and respond to threats throughout the enterprise by looking at the endpoints, network and cloud as a whole.

Language: Norwegian
Technical level: 3/5

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