Are privileged accounts putting your organisation at risk?

Privileged accounts are often the target of advanced attackers that view them as the gateway to your most valuable assets. Credentials — and, in particular, privileged credentials — can give attackers access to servers and data, and can be a way in to take control of an organisation's information assets.

During this breakfast seminar, mnemonic and CyberArk will try to answer what can be done to minimise this risk, and one of mnemonic’s penetration testers will share the real-world consequences of poor password and access management that he comes across in his work.

CyberArk will take a deeper dive into the use-cases of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, and walk us through different scenarios ranging from Cloud to DevOps and even Incident Response.

Join us to learn how PAM can help secure your organisation's crown jewels.



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Threat Intelligence Update

Update from our Threat Intelligence team about developments in the threat picture. This month the presentation will focus on targeted ransomware.

Technical level: 2/5
Language: Norwegian

What could possibly go wrong?

We’re all told it’s important to protect our passwords. But what does it actually mean if your credentials are stolen? What are the consequences?

In his presentation, Kim will show real-world examples of what he comes across in his work as a penetration tester in mnemonic. He will show how someone can exploit your credentials, the most common ways to do so, and demonstrate the potentially catastrophic damage caused by poor password and access management.

Technical level: 3/5
Language: Norwegian


IAM/ IDM/ IGA/ PAM? How to secure the identity backdoor!

As more organisations move to the cloud and new regulatory requirements are introduced, it’s more relevant than ever to have the right security mechanisms in place to handle access and identity.

Gartner recently published a report stating that by 2022, 90% of organisations will recognise that mitigation of Privileged Access Management (PAM) risk is a fundamental security control.

With more than 17 years experience as an Identity and Access Management specialist, Håkan will give a short introduction to identity management, show how PAM has evolved in recent years, and outline the benefits (and challenges) to using PAM.

Technical level: 1/5
Language: Swedish

Use-cases for Privileged Access Management

How does Privileged Access Management (PAM) work in practice?

Lars will take a deeper dive into the use-cases of PAM solutions, and walk through different scenarios ranging from Cloud to DevOps and even Incident Response.

In his presentation, Lars will show how PAM can be used to minimise risks by exploring PAM basics such as Password Management and Session Management. Before moving into the more advanced, like implementing PAM solutions for Cloud Consoles and Application2Application solutions, and using PAM as a valuable source and recipient for Incident Response.

Technical level: 3/5
Language: Swedish

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