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Our enemy comes with many names. APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). Nation states. Offensive cyber operations. Fuzzy wuzzy wombat and a slew of other names. Regardless of what we call them, the reality remains constant: our adversaries have advanced tools, are masters of deception and are highly motivated to breach your network.

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On the 18th of October, Forbrukerrådet and mnemonic launched the #WatchOut campaign, revealing severe security flaws in GPS watches marketed towards children. Join our next breakfast seminar to hear more about these findings, and for a practical look at GDPR and data privacy, with Forbrukerrådet (the Norwegian Consumer Council) and Forcepoint

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18OCT Seminar - Stockholm

Vi står inför ett teknikskifte inom bilvärlden och Tesla visar vägen. Tack vare ny teknik skapar Tesla världens säkraste bilar. Inom cybersäkerhet sker också ett teknikskifte där en sammanlänkad säkerhet och visibilitet över datacenter, hybridlösningar, moln och mobilitet är en nödvändighet.

mnemonic ab, Borgarfjordsgatan 12, Kista
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