Open application

Interested in information security?

Do you want to become part of Europe's most exciting information security environment?

Do you like the idea of ​​securing customers, both public and private?

Do you like to pick things apart? Finding errors? Do you enjoy losing yourself in analytical work?

Do you want to work with incident response? Analys data traffic? Have you worked with infrastructure? Implementation? Architecture?

Are you passionate about frameworks? Privacy? Risk? Project Management?

Want to do research? Using machine learning on large datasets to do groundbreaking work?

Have you done log analysis before? Heard of Splunk? IDS? IPS? Been part of a CERT? CSIRT? IRT? Does threat intelligence sound exciting?

Experience with reverse engineering? Forensics? Security monitoring and analysis?

Send an application to and include the tag "Open application" in the subject field. Include a description of why YOU are a great fit for mnemonic, as well as you CV.

Any questions regarding a career in mnemonic?

Head of Recruitment

Martin B. Nordby