MSI (mnemonic System Integration)

Our department for preventive security

MSI is responsible for protecting services and applications vital for our society. We make our customers’ services and systems resistant against cyber-attacks and at the same time ensure operational availability.

We work with all areas of system integration, specialising in cyber security. Our customers trust us to design, implement and manage protections for their most critical assets, and focus their attention on the correct cyber security controls and products. We take this task seriously and spend a lot of time investigating and learning about our customers' infrastructure and needs.

MSI is a consulting department working long-term with customers, aiming to be a trusted advisor where it really matters. This helps us complement customers’ security architecture with relevant and cost-effective controls. Our developer team also helps our customers’ individual systems speak and work together. In addition, we work with training, system reviews and project support both in Norway and internationally.

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