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Are you a service or professional services provider looking to expand your offerings with security services? Are you in the process of developing your own MSSP service or SOC with 24x7 capabilities? Are you a hosting provider looking to protect your customers against advanced threats? Are you a system integrator looking to complement your security portfolio?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Argus Partner Program may be just what you’re looking for.

The MSSP market is growing fast, and is expected to reach nearly $30 Billion by 2020. The Argus Partner Program is designed to enable partners to quickly enter this growing market with a high-quality, proven service offering without the hefty investments in R&D, technology and people.

As an Argus Partner, you will enjoy a straightforward and flexible program, backed by a team who has been delivering these advanced services for over a decade. What’s in it for your customers?

  • Use Argus to provide organizations with peace of mind: Threats against their IT are detected 24/7, and they are alerted with the information that they need to know, when they need to know it
  • With Argus, we ensure that the defensive mechanisms that are vital in protecting organizations are operational and working optimally
  • With world class Threat Intelligence services, we provide the context organizations need to know to plan and evaluate their information security policies

Partner benefits

Immediate Go-To-Market: The window of opportunity for offering a market leading MSSP service is wide open, and Argus partners are taking advantage of this opportunity without delay.

Complement your portfolio, drive new business: Argus Managed Defence integrates with leading security vendors and complements security & operational services to drive new business.

Skip the investment: Building advanced, 24x7 SOC capabilities is a long, expensive process that takes years of investment and refinement to become profitable. mnemonic has spent over 13 years building the Argus platform, training expert analysts, and fine-tuning our processes to create a market leading service. Argus partners can skip the investment and immediately begin defending their customers against the most advanced cyber threats.

Advanced Threat Intelligence: The Argus platform has a built-in Threat Intelligence eco-system. All indicators from detected threats are immediately deployed across all security monitoring devices. The Argus Managed Defence service includes advanced Threat Intelligence created through collaborative research efforts involving Europol, United Nations, US Army Research Labs, Center for Cyber and Information Security, Norwegian Security Authority, Norwegian Defence and more.

Leverage extensive R&D: We have spent countless hours and resources into R&D to our proprietary sensor technology, log analytics and security platform. We also invest in new research together with multiple partners to develop new technologies, methodologies and other capabilities to improve both our own services and the capabilities in the security community as a whole.

Enter new markets: Argus partners can offer a modular and scalable MSSP service that appeals to organizations of all sizes, across all industry verticals.

Strengthen customer loyalty: Having the capability to deliver Managed Security Services will empower your relationship to your customers. Engage in new opportunities and enhance your presence at existing customers, building trust that will bring value to you and the customers beyond the security services.

Want to become an Argus partner?

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