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mnemonic uses cookies on their websites to optimize the website for its users. Based on the new legislation, the Electronic Communications Act from July 1st 2013, mnemonic is obliged to provide users of our website information about the cookies we use.


  • ASP.NET_SessionId: This cookie sets your session ID and makes it possible for us to know that you are the same visitor between different page views. This is erased when you close your browser. Note that you'll have a new cookie set at you next visit.
  • __utmz (Google Analytics): Registers where you came from (search engine, keyword, link, etc.) when you land on our pages.
  • __utma (Google Analytics): Keeps track of how many times you have visited our site, so we can see how many users we have, first time visitors and how many revisit our pages.
  • __utmb og __utmc (Google Analytics): Keeps track of how long you are on our pages, and how long the visit lasts. These are deleted when you leave our site.

In addition, we use Lead Lander to collect information about people who visit our site and the pages visited. More information about this can be found at leadlander.com.

Information is supplied to our CMS (Content Management System). We use this tool to customize and control the content of the website, such as text and images.


The portal uses cookies to identify your user session. This is erased when you close your browser

All activity from active users are logged in our system, linked to the current user.