Renewed interest in targeted attacks

Date:28.02.13 Author:Jon Røgeberg

Targeted attacks, specifically attacks attributed to “advanced persistent threats” has gained a renewed interest the last month (just when things were about to calm down). First New York Times released an article about how Chinese attackers persistently attacked the Times for a period of four months.

Then, less than a month after the Times article, Mandiant releases an extensive report on the advance persistent threat actor they have identified as “APT1”. Attributing hundreds of attacks to a unit in the People’s Liberation Army (Unit 61398).

Both these headline stories have resulted in a renewed interest in targeted attacks.

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If you haven’t read the article or the report yet, you should. It is an interesting read.

New York Times Article:

Mandiant report on APT1:
Note: You should not open any reports, not downloaded directly from Mandiant. Recently we have seen a fake version of the report being used as lure in spear phishing campaigns.

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